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September 11th, 2020

BATTERY 2030+ is the large-scale and long-term European research initiative with the vision of inventing the sustainable batteries of the future, providing European industry with disruptive technologies and a competitive edge throughout the battery value chain and to enable Europe to reach the goals of a climate-neutral society envisaged in the European Green Deal. 

Starting on 1 September 2020, the BATTERY 2030+ initiative will consist of seven projects, one coordination and support action (CSA) BATTERY 2030PLUS, which continues a previous 15-months CSA project, and six research and innovation projects. 

MOBI is taking part in the core group of the BATTERY2030+ initiative and from these 6 research and innovation projects, MOBI is coordinating an outstanding project on self-healing of li ion batteries; BAT4EVER, and is key partner of another one; SPARTACUS which will focus on developing sensors for lithium ion batteries. 

SPARTACUS project focusses on developing acoustic sensors which will be used to detect and understand reactions that lead to a battery degrading. This will also lead to new control systems for the battery, so that what the sensors measure can be used to use the battery in a safer way. 

BAT4EVER aims to develop and study a new type of Li-ion battery basing on self-healing polymers integrated in silicon anodes, core-shell structured cathodes and electrolytes. Self-healing batteries of BAT4EVER will tolerate the micro damages and compensate element loses during multiple recharging cycles, be safer and durable through tougher chemicals, store and retain more energy than today’s batteries relying on the introduced sophisticate healing mechanisms. 

For more information, contact: Maitane Berecibar, coordinator of BAT4EVER and Head of the Battery Innovation Center 


Original article by MOBI

Official start of BATTERY2030+ initiative and its research projects: News
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