Towards a fast-uptake of mEdium/Low-voltage eLectric powertrains

The TELL project addresses the optimisation and large-scale manufacturing of low and medium voltage electric powertrain solutions, with focus on high efficiency, compact packaging and low cost. Three main applications are targeted:

  • Small-to-medium segment electric cars

  • Hybrid electric cars with a low voltage add-on electric propulsion system

  • The lightweight urban mobility sector, e.g., electric quadricycles

The general aim of TELL is to introduce innovations in: i) the entire powertrain, consisting of inverter, motor and transmission; and ii) the integration of components and subsystems. The TELL powertrain solutions will be addressing present and future urban mobility needs, and in comparison with the current state-of-the-art they will be characterized by a superior level of:

  • Safety

  • Efficiency and robustness

  • Flexibility

  • Ease of manufacture

  • Electric motor technology based on synchronous reluctance machines

  • Electric motor sensing and control

  • Inverter technology

  • Security of the electrical and electronic (E/E) architecture

The TELL powertrains will be demonstrated on two electric vehicle platforms: i) a four-wheel-drive vehicle operated at a nominal voltage of 100 V by a Si MOSFET based inverter; and ii) a two-wheel-drive vehicle operated at a nominal voltage of 48 V by an inverter based on GaN semiconductor technology.


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