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December 21st, 2021

The virtual E-VOLVE (Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value and Efficiency) Cluster is realizing and monitoring synergies between eight projects from the Horizon 2020 call to execute joint dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities.

The Project Members ACHILES, SELFIE, FITGEN, CEVOLVER, SYS2WHEEL and EVC1000, TELL and Multi Moby are the members of the E-VOLVE Cluster.  

As E-VOLVE Project members proceed with implementation, more and more opportunities to showcase are available.

The 1st E-VOLVE Round Table took place in November, with super star guests and great presentations.

And of course, the Cluster expansion, with the addition of the Multi Moby Project is one our 2021 highlights!

Download our 6th Newsletter HERE.

More news, publications, demonstrations and prototypes are soon to come, stay tuned. 

6th E-VOLVE Newsletter: News
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