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SELFIE project will develop a smart, modular, scalable, energy efficient and self-sustained battery thermal management concept, which is flexible to allow extension of the battery capacity and voltage, and can be further applied for larger/long distance vehicles.

The developed battery system with novel battery thermal management will be evaluated through in-depth functional experimental tests and modelling of the functional safety. The total battery system will be integrated in a Fiat Doblò and validated in test bench set-up, on a test track and on the road. 

This results in the capability to safely handle fast charging power up to 180 kW (6C) and to reduce the charging times to 10 min @ 180 kW (15 min @ 100 kW) as the SELFIE battery system is capable of effectively absorbing the excess heat released during fast charging.

The SELFIE project is funded by Horizon2020 and is carried out by an international consortium with profound expertise and knowledge in thermal management systems and its components. The geographical representation and the multi-disciplinary aspects of the partners ensure not only the achievements of the project objectives but also the market uptake of the SELFIE results.

The overall objective of SELFIE is to develop and demonstrate a novel self-sustained compact battery system, consisting of:

  • A smart modular battery pack, which has excellent internal thermal conductivity properties, a refrigerant cooling system and a PCM based thermal storage system (heat buffer) capable of absorbing excess heat due to fast charging, and which is thoroughly insulated from the outside

Specific objectives:

  1. Development of new/advanced components for battery packs that enable a step change in thermal management, energy efficiency and cost

  2. Integration, assembly and manufacturing and bench testing of the developed compact battery system

  3. Demonstration and validation of the battery system

Selfie H2020 Project: What We Do
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