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FITGEN aims at developing a functionally integrated e-axle ready for implementation in third generation electric vehicles. It is delivered at TRL and MRL 7 in all its components and demonstrated on an electric vehicle platform designed for the European market (A-segment reference platform). The e-axle is composed of a latest generation Buried-Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine, driven by a SiC-inverter and coupled with a high-speed transmission. It is complemented by a DC/DC-converter for high voltage operation of the motor in traction and for enabling super-fast charging of the 40 kWh battery (120 kW-peak) plus an integrated AC/DC on-board charger. The e-axle also includes a breakthrough cooling system which combines the water motor/inverter circuit with transmission oil. The FITGEN e-axle delivers significant advances over the 2018 State of the Art:

  • 40 % increase of the power density of the e-motor, with operation up to 18,000 rpm

  • 50 % increase of the power density of the inverter, thanks to the adoption of SiC-components

  • affordable super-fast charge capability (120 kW-peak) enabled by the DC/DC-converter, integrated with single- or 3-phase AC/DC-charger

  • increase of the electric driving range from 740 to 1,050 km (including 75 minutes of charging time) in real-world freeway driving with the use of auxiliaries

FITGEN H2020 Project: What We Do
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