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May 30th, 2020

Our 3rd Newsletter is right on time; after a year and half of Project implementation, all activities are in full progress mode.

The EVC1000 electric axle (e-axle) concept has been already delivered.

Requirements and specifications of the SELFIE battery thermal management system have been identified.

The first TELL vehicle prototype has been assembled.

FITGEN is now at the technology development stage.

SYS2WHEEL different electric powertrains requirements have been finalized.

The CEVOLVER scene for a connected energy and thermal management has been set.

And of course, Achiles full requirements and specifications for the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) have been defined.

Download the E-VOLVE Newsletter, learn all about our Project members and stay connected for more exciting news; the next months will prove to be fruitful!

First E-VOLVE Newsletter for 2020!: News
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