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The E-VOLVE projects (ACHILES, SELFIE, EVC1000, CEVOLVER, TELL, FITGEN, MULTI MOBY, SYS2WHEEL) are proud to announce the organization of an Invited Session at TRA2022 in Lisbon!

During this session "European Innovation for the Next Generation of Electric Vehicles by E-VOLVE Cluster", the E-VOLVE Projects will pitch their results and contributions towards the
future EV, under five Working Groups: 1. Energy & Thermal Management, 2. Electric Powertrain,
3. Energy Efficiency & Performance, 4. Connectivity, 5. Control Architecture. Followed by a Q&A
session and moderated discussion.

The session aims at bringing together actors and stakeholders (EC, Industry, Academia) from the
mobility sector to share results, experiences and visions, developing a forum where the suggested
projects’ solutions produce greater impact and meet actual needs. To ensure that the completion of the projects is not the end of their respective results, this session will look at exploiting the
synergies developed towards the common goal of enhanced green, electric vehicles.

1. Tour de table
2. The E-VOLVE Cluster
3. R&D results in five Working Groups
4. Q&A
5. E-VOLVE as a bridge between H2020 and HE
6. Moderated discussion with audience

More info

See you there!

E-VOLVE Invited Session at TRA2022

October 25th, 2022

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