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December 14th, 2020

The virtual E-VOLVE (Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value and Efficiency) Cluster is realizing and monitoring synergies between seven projects from the GV-01 Horizon 2020 call to execute joint dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities.

The Project Members ACHILES, SELFIE, FITGEN, CEVOLVER, SYS2WHEEL and EVC1000, TELL are the members of the E-VOLVE Cluster.  

As E-VOLVE Project members proceed with implementation, more and more opportunities to showcase are available. While COVID-19 harshly interrupted communication activities, a transformation of conferences into virtual form has allowed implementation of communication strategies to move on successfully.  
H2020RTR Green Vehicle sessions, AEIT 2020, SAE WORLD CONGRESS 2021, are only a few of the events attended or under planning by the Cluster members.    

Download our 4th Newsletter HERE.

More news, publications, demonstrations and prototypes are soon to come, stay tuned. 

E-VOLVE Newsletter, lots of news!: News
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