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February 18th, 2022

While some of the challenges brought to CEVOLVER from CoVid-19 are solved, some had left a delay that will not be recoverable in the remaining project time. Thus, we are preparing for an amendment that will address an extension of the project by 6 months.
 Nonetheless, we completed in April 2021 the second period with a review meeting followed by the periodic reporting during the summertime.
 The build-up and the testing activities of the demonstrator vehicles made quite a step forward, so that in the upcoming months we
expect to have an insight on the potential of the new functions that were realized during the project. As an exemplary insight on the
vehicle activities please find below information about the demonstrator deployed by our partner BOSCH.
In the last part, the multi-level thermal and energy management strategies developed by the IFPEN, VUB, RWTH and Bosch joint efforts are introduced.
 While the first work package was already completed quite a while ago, we concluded the second work package about the definition and the set-up of the simulation frameworks, methodologies and models that will support the development and the commissioning of the demonstrators and their new connected functions. In the article below you may find a few details about the activities that led to an innovative new feature that will serve to supervise the other features targeting for an economic and comfortable travelling. The final report for this work package is about to be completed in the upcoming days.
 Last but not least you will find news around the E-VOLVE cluster that CEVOLVER is part of by the introduction of the new project TELL.
Please enjoy reading this newsletter (HERE) and let me know if you have questions, comments, or requests.
Jens Tang

CEVOLVER Newsletter Autumn 2021: News
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