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Connected Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value, Efficiency and Range

CEVOLVER takes a user-centric approach for optimising the development and operation of electric vehicles and uses cutting edge technologies, components and systems for achieving the ambitious targets of the call topic. In both cases, the project exploits opportunities of connectivity to computational capabilities of big data.
Firstly, as a source of data to support defining use cases that represent typical driving patterns and functionality. This will be used for developing optimal E/E architectures and rightsizing of components and optimising control strategies.
Secondly, a dynamic connection to big data and computational capabilities in the cloud enables optimising the EV’s energy and thermal management level. It leads to a Reliable Range Prediction, Eco-routing and Eco-driving as well as novel functionalities like Smart Fast Charging and Assured Charging.

CEVOLVER H2020 Project: Service
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