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The virtual E-VOLVE (Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value and Efficiency) Cluster is developing, implementing, realizing and monitoring synergies between eight projects from the GV-01 Horizon 2020 call.

The purpose of the Cluster is to execute joint dissemination and exploitation activities.

In order to connect parallel R&D activities in complementary areas and to implement a higher potential produced by intersectoral cooperation, the E-VOLVE virtual Cluster has been set up. The Cluster will produce greater impact acknowledging the importance of connecting parallel R&D activities funded on complementary areas, as stated by the European Commission. The member projects in the E-VOLVE Cluster have decided to prove the higher potential of synergies between projects. As a result, E-VOLVE Coordinators trust that together as a virtual cluster they will produce a greater impact by delivering innovations that cover a wide range of EVs components, designed especially for the new (3rd) generation of EVs to meet the future mobility needs in both urban environment and inter-city trips, while meeting as well the requirements in energy efficiency, usability and cost that the market demands.

The E-VOLVE virtual Cluster focuses on developing groups of components that, working all together in synergy, can meet the future requirements in energy efficiency, fast charging and increased driving range.

Each project that participates in the E-VOLVE Cluster addresses the challenges outlined in the GV01 call topic. The four scopes have been split into specific topics and areas of work, reflecting more in-depth the relevance of each E-VOLVE project towards the GV01 call topic, its alignment with the ERTRAC roadmap, as well as how the complementarities between them allow enlarging their individual reach and impact.

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